TEXO - Infrastructure for Internet Based Services

THESEUS is a research program initiated by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology (BMWi), with the goal of developing a new Internet-based infrastructure in order to better use and utilize the knowledge available on the Internet. The focus of the research program is on semantic technologies. Using these technologies, computer programs can intelligently comprehend the context in which data were stored and draw logical inferences from the contents and auto­nomously recognize and produce connections between various pieces of information from different sources. In this new semantic infrastructure, companies will also be able to communicate more efficiently with other companies and, more to the point, with their customers as well as consumers in the future. THESEUS is therefore contributing to the creation of a knowledge- and IT-based service economy (Internet of services).

TEXO is a sub-project within the THESEUS research program. TEXO contributes to service economy by creating infrastructure components for Business Webs in the Internet of Services. The goal of TEXO is to provide a platform which makes services tradable on the internet, composable into value-added services, and allows the integration of customized services into the environment of service consumers. TEXO addresses the full lifecycle of these services from innovation to consumption via intuitive interfaces and technical systems. Therefore, the TEXO project takes advantage of semantic technologies to describe the content of services in order to enable automatic processing of service descriptions.  

ontoprise is responsible for the core technologies of the semantic backend of TEXO. With our workpackage partner SAP Research we will deliver the semantic platform to operate and run novel service descriptions and applications developed in TEXO and later on by customers, companies or service providers. ontoprise delivers the core parts of the Semantic Backend, i.e. reasoning technology, metadata repositories based on that technologies and administration tools.

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