18.07.2012 | semafora takes over Ontoprise GmbH business units
Globally leading industrial products for semantic software to be continued under new management.
01.03.2012 | Partner News: Smart Open Data Exchange for NYC
ontoprise Partner Ontodia Announces NYCFacets - A Smart Open Data Exchange for NYC
17.01.2012 | The medical technology manufacturer Brainlab is using SemanticGuide in its customer service
Effective on-site knowledge support to technical staff
24.11.2011 | First Release of SemanticXpress and Web OntoStudio
The first releases of SemanticXpress (company-wide terminology management) and Web OntoStudio (web-based ontology editing) are now released.
06.06.2011 | New releases OntoBroker 6.1 and OntoStudio 3.1 at SemTech 2011
New ontoprise Product Releases at SemTech 2011: OntoBroker 6.1 and OntoStudio 3.1 – Again Confirming its Performance Leadership

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