OntoStudio is the most widespread commercial modeling environment for  creating and maintaining ontologies. It stands out due to its  comprehensive functions in intuitive ontology modeling. OntoStudio is also able to import many structures, schemas and models. Some of  OntoStudio’s  most important functions are the mapping tool, which can be used to  match heterogeneous structures  quickly and intuitively, the graphic rule editor which specialists can use to model complex correlations or the  integrated test environment that assures the quality of the modeling at all times.

With the help of OntoStudio, several editors can use the OntoBroker Collaboration server to simultaneously create and enhance ontologies. The queries created can be exported as a Web service and  integrated into any applications.

  • The easy connection  of databases and knowledge bases using a graphical mapping tool
  • The export of self-provided queries to the ontology as a Web service
  • Enhanceable with additional plug-ins
  • The editing of OWL, RDF(S), RIF, SPARQL and ObjectLogic ontologies
  • The collaborative development of ontologies using the OntoBroker Enhancement Collaboration server

The following file formats are supported by OntoStudio for modeling purposes (open and save in the respective format):

  • OWL
  • RDF(S)
  • RIF
  • ObjectLogic

In addition, there are the following import options:

  • UML 2.0
  • Database schemas (Oracle, MS-SQL, DB2, MySQL)
  • Excel tables
  • Outlook E-Mails
  • Folder structures of the file system
Web OntoStudio

Web OntoStudio is a lean version OntoStudio which can be easily used via every browser and is hence very flexible. It is ideal for large distributed teams who edit ontologies collaboratively.

Web OntoStudio offers you the following functions:

  • Creation of classes and instances
  • Definition of properties (attributes and relations) at schema level
  • Assignment of values to properties at instance level


Web OntoStudio and OntoStudio both access the same ontology server. If users need to create rules that go beyond the Web OntoStudio functions, these can be created using OntoStudio and saved to the ontology server. All of the changes are immediately visible for all other editors.


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