In Focus

semafora systems GmbH is a leading provider of products, solutions and services in the area of semantic technologies. These make it possible to:

  • Describe the meaning of information to be machine-readable
  • Structure knowledge
  • Record complex interrelationships
  • Integrate distributed information

Thereby, employees involved in knowledge-intensive processes are optimally supplied with the right information. Additionally, companies are empowered in making the right conclusions from existing information.

For years, semafora systems’s product portfolio has been successfully used in companies in various fields of industry. Using technically-mature products based on standards, semafora systems contribute to the development and distribution of semantic technologies for daily usage in companies.

Today a highly-qualified team works at semafora on the further development of the product and solution portfolio. Furthermore, semafora has a worldwide partner network. Hence, the existing products and solutions are extended by the industry and process know-how of the particular partner. The advantage for our customer is a solution tailored exactly to meet their requirements.

Our Solution and Product Portfolio

The base of the semafora systems solutions are the tried and tested products OntoBroker and OntoStudio, which are responsible for the central tasks of modeling and knowledge processing.

The products and solutions are used in the following areas:


Founded: 1999 (predecessor Ontoprise GmbH)
Headquarter: Bensheim, Germany


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