How Ontologies and Rules Help to Advance ...

... Automobile Development

Nowadays the increasing complexity of cars has become a major challenge due to the growing rate of electronic components and software. This trend has an impact on all phases of the life cycle of the car. Especially during the process of testing cars and components semantic based approaches can help to increase the automation ratio of testing components and to find the needle in the haystack. Ontologies in combination with rules have proven to check specifications against test results and therefore deliver new insights.

AUDI built an ontology based system to master this level of complexity by modeling the behavior of electronic control units (ECUs) and their interactions via complex relations and rules.

As the resulting system is logically complete it detects, highlights, and explains any violations regardless of their complexity and rationalizes their root course to the engineers by deriving it right from the underlying ontology system.

Applying this method in the car test environment delivered spectacular efficiency increases for the AUDI AG engineers. The system is ease-of-use in the way that the engineers can build and maintain the rules on their own using mainly engineering terminology.