The Customer

AVL DiTEST supplies automobile repair shops with sophisticated test systems and diagnosis techniques. AVL DiTEST sell the SemanticGuide as their own solution, with its own knowledge base and integrated ordering system.


  • Faster customer service thanks to interactive diagnosis
  • The correct choice of spare parts (automatic consideration of the brand, type, engine, assembly group and part)
  • The easy integration of existing applications (e.g. parts catalog) in the SemanticGuide
  • Motivated employees, satisfied customers
  • Efficient modeling of knowledge using the graphical editor and re-usable diagnosis elements
Solution Overview


  • The high quality maintenance of different car types
  • Faster repair times


  • Usage of the software in the repair shop
  • The integration of the AVL DiTEST ordering system
  • The connection to existing diagnosis tools and the transfer of the results for bug-fixing purposes

Solution Implemented: SemanticGuide

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The SemanticGuide version that was customized for AVL DiTEST is part of the AVL DiTEST Scout, an automobile diagnosis system for car repairs. Further information is available at