The Customer

Brainlab AG, a company based in Munich, Germany, designs, manufactures and supplies software-driven medical technology products that are used for precise, and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Image-guided systems are among the core products of this company which has about 1000 employees. These systems provide accurate real-time information that aid in navigation during surgical procedures as well as in the planning for execution of radio-surgical treatment procedures.

Brainlab has set itself the target of achieving to establish a tradition of knowledge sharing. The key to success in this is to get the right information at the right time. This way, knowledge can be applied effectively.

Implementation of Project

Brainlab uses SemanticGuide to analyze errors and to resolve issues in its customer service. The product SemanticGuide was implemented as an out of the box solution and there was no need to customize it to fit to the project. The offline client is especially applied by about 300 service technicians for on-site technical support. Additional 300 users from the research and development department use it as a server application.

Overview of the Project

Targets & Advantages

  • Availing the right information to the service technicians - at the right time and at the right place
  • Quickening and lessening the time used for service work
  • Reduction of the service costs
  • Increase in customer satisfaction by ensuring high-quality service

Client Specifications

  • Collection and structuring of a complex Knowledge domain for specific support of customer service
  • A fully functional Offline Client – this is to be used by service technicians in clinics and hospitals since they often do not have access to internet on-site
  • Constant improvement and expansion of the knowledge base by factoring in feedback from users
  • Securing the knowledge base in the Service Notebook from unauthorized access

Applied Solution: SemanticGuide

You'll also find additional information to our Brainlab project in our news section: The medical technology manufacturer Brainlab is using SemanticGuide in its customer service


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What our customer says

"ontoprise with its proven approach, has delivered a product SematicGuide whose functionality has helped us attain high levels of confidence. This has enabled us establish a solution in our company that is accepted by the workers and this has in turn contributed to the success of our company."

Mr. Olaf Ehlers
Director Product Knowledge Management
Brainlab AG