The Customer

The Jenbacher gas engines division of General Electric Energy belongs to the leading worldwide producers of gas engines, gen-sets in container-type construction and combined heat and power plants for power supply. As one of the few producers in this area, the company is specialized exclusively in gas engine technology.


  • Improved world-wide service capabilities 
  • Knowledge transfer to other providers in their own service network 
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to quicker fault repairs and, subsequently, reduced costs
Solution Overview

Goal: To improve customer service world-wide

  • A reduction in reaction and repair times 
  • An increase in the service employees‘ capabilities by providing and distributing expert knowledge 
  • Transferring knowledge to providers from the service network



  • Mobile online and offline use
  • World-wide distribution of expert knowledge


Solution Implemented: SemanticGuide

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What our customer says

"ontoprise’s SemanticGuide helps to further optimize our customer service. The solution allows us to transfer knowledge to our global service teams very quickly, which leads to faster troubleshooting, and hence to greater customer satisfaction"

Axel Dancker
Global Service Leader, GE Power & Water
Jenbacher Gas Engines