The Customer

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG is a leading international provider of solutions for the print media industry, with a focus on sheet offset printing machines. This is associated with operating a world-wide distributed service network for maintaining the printing machines.

Solution Overview


  • To improve customer service by distributing expert knowledge to all of the service technicians world-wide (ca. 3.700)



  • Resource-optimized structuring and maintenance of knowledge base content using the editing system
  • Simple modeling of diagnoses
  • Connection to other systems, for example, SAP
  • Open and web-based system architecture that enables flexible system enhancements


Solution Implemented: SemanticGuide


Increased Problem-Solving On Initial Customer Contact

  • More efficient pre-clarification of necessary service operations
  • Avoidance of on-site service operations
  • A reduction in the total process time


On-Site Diagnosis Support

  • Reduction of spare part costs (for example, the exchange of spare parts and not complete systems)
  • Reduction of the duration of service operations
  • Reduction in training required by the service technicians


Statistics on Error Frequency and Causes

  • Are the basis for product improvements on the developer-side

Use-Case description in the US magazine Field Technologies Magazine, 12/2011:
Take A Smarter Approach To Field Service



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