The Customer

The state of Baden-Württemberg is the third-largest federal state in Germany, with around 10 million inhabitants. To keep citizens well-informed, Baden-Württemberg places a great deal of importance on using new media.

Solution Overview
  • Requirements: The use of an intelligent search in the public citizen’s portal for Baden-Württemberg to quickly and easily make the following information available to citizens: current information on living circumstances, forms, authorities, process descriptions, and so on.
  • The goal: Simple and quick access to all of the information on one topic (for example, marriages, births, car registrations) for users with no specialist and regional knowledge.
  • Solution Implemented: SemanticMiner Web Services in combination with IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition, OntoStudio
  • Implementation Partner: T-Systems International GmbH (user interface)
Advantages for Citizens
  • Simple use and a semantic search with a high quality of results
  • Intelligent recognition of living circumstances, processes, places, and so on.
Advantages for the State
  • Easy to integrate in the Web portal using Web Services
  • Automatic keywording of the contents 
  • No additional need for maintenance as existing database structures are used intelligently for the the search

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