The Customer

Voith Hydro is the leading supplier and service provider for hydroelectric power plants. Voith’s range of products varies from individual components right down to tailor-made services, from ready to use new plants to the modernization of existing plants.

Voith uses Semantics for SharePoint as a central knowledge platform for recording valuable and distributed know-how on the planning and configuration of hydroelectric power plants.

  • Expert knowledge is collected and made available centrally
  • Power plant configurations can be created quickly: Which systems go together? Which performance data require which variants? Which environmental parameters require which configuration? 
  • One knowledge base for technology and sales
Solution Overview


  • The collaborative recording of complex engineering knowledge to be used with a configurator for planning power plants, managing offers and service



  • The recording and evaluating of rule-based correlations
  • Support for both technicians and sales employees 
  • The collaborative and controlled creation and maintenance of structured content 
  • The use of the existing SharePoint environment


Solution used:
Semantics for SharePoint

"Semantics for SharePoint helps us to continuously improve our engineering knowledge. The networked knowledge is made available to the engineer in custom-designed views and is then directly included in the planning of hydroelectric power plants."

Rudolf Münch
Voith Hydro

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