Integrating Different Information Sources into One Single “Knowledge View”

Nearly every company struggles with a confusingly wide range of data sources used to store company information. Frequently, employees are unaware of the sources available, the location of particular information, and who has the permission to access this information. Difficulties occur when attempting to use information from various sources or when evaluating this information, and putting it all together is both arduous and time-consuming. Obviously, there must be simpler, more modern solutions to this; a company-wide, consolidated view of the information from the various sources would be ideal. This is the only way to make profits from the company-relevant knowledge.

SemanticIntegrator is a software solution based on ontoprise’s leading-edge products OntoBroker and OntoStudio. It enables information from many heterogeneous sources to be consolidated and combined centrally in one application and makes it possible to create views and reports that completely fulfill the users’s needs and support them in getting the required information.

Functions and Benefits

Single View of all Information

  • Aggregating data from multiple systems
  • Presenting the relevant information in the user’s terminology
  • Giving different perspectives on the same information
  • Real-time information integration
  • Combining structured and unstructured information


Greater Flexibility

  • Rapid implementation of new strategies
  • Simple maintenance
  • Minimizing the impact of change in information structures


Increased Productivity

  • The simple, cost-saving integration of new information systems
  • Capturing business rules directly in the knowledge base
  • Determining the optimal system for accessing all information
  • Bringing users up to the same level of information, hence increasing productivity

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Used Products:
OntoStudio and OntoBroker.