Do you have access to all the knowledge within your company?
Fast access to your company’s knowledge is essential to remaining competitive. Reusing existing knowledge without generating it again is becoming increasingly important. SemanticMiner for SharePoint combines the advantages of a content management system with the advantages of a platform for semantic knowledge integration. This gives the opportunity to deliver faster access to all your company’s information while also making it easier to maintain.

By using semantic technologies it is possible to store your information in a very flexible way. Easy access to information is achieved with features like, dynamic navigation within your knowledge base, semantically enhanced search and dynamic filtering. Furthermore, it is possible to easily integrate with external data sources and thus efficiently access their information semantically.


Why you should use SemanticMiner for SharePoint:

  • Easy information acquisition: Automatic form generation based on the knowledge model.
  • Flexible information management: Each user can store the information in a flexible and individual way. With the knowledge model, this information will be dynamically structured – independent from where it is stored.
  • Fast information access: Moderated search, dynamic navigation, and semantic filters provide users with fast and easy access to information.
  • Seamless integration into SharePoint
  • One search center for all contained knowledge
  • Dynamic forms for effortless knowledge capture
  • Integration of external data sources like databases, applications, file-servers, etc.
  • Capable of being seamlessly integrated into SharePoint or other existing systems.

Semantics for SharePoint is a joint development with our SharePoint partner Nowshare.


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