The Semantics for SharePoint suite enables the development of semantic solutions in SharePoint. Integration combines the intelligence, flexibility and mightiness of semantic technologies with the collaborative options of the Enterprise Portal Platform Microsoft SharePoint. Semantic functions complement existing SharePoint features such as the central and quality-assured administration of documents and content.

In this way, SharePoint becomes a real knowledge database for efficiently evaluating, recovering and using relevant content.
Thanks to modern operating concepts and professional functions, our SharePoint modules are ideal for developing a wide variety of knowledge management solutions.

SemanticCore for SP

All of our knowledge management solutions for SharePoint are based on a common infrastructure, SemanticCore for SharePoint. This provides the basic functions for structuring, entering and querying semantic information. Furthermore, here the imported ontologies which extend the SharePoint data model using relations and rules are administered. In addition, SemanticCore for SharePoint also provides the necessary Web Parts and Web Services.

SemanticMiner for SP

The SemanticMiner for SharePoint ideally combines the advantages of an Enterprise Content Management System with our tried and tested platform for semantic knowledge integration. This enables the simple maintenance of and rapid access to the knowledge available within the company.

The significant advantages of the semantic approach are the flexible storage of information, dynamic navigation, the context-sensitive semantic search and the easy recording of complicated interrelationships.

Moreover, additional external sources can be included and integrated using the content.

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Semantics for SharePoint is a joint development with our SharePoint partner Nowshare.


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Reference Project: Voith Hydro
Know-how management for planning and configuration of hydroelectric power plants.


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