SemanticXpress is an ontology-based solution for company-wide vocabulary-management. The existing terminology from the different departments is linked to the company’s vocabulary using so-called mappings. Users can access and interact with SemanticXpress using a standardized, company-wide Web interface. External applications can also access the stored vocabularies (for example, to leverage the Intranet search of a company). Therefore SemanticXpress provides Web services that are suitable for easily connecting external applications.

Ontologies enable the easy and flexible integration of existing internal and external lists and data. With its centrally stored and quality-assured terminology, as well as its pre-defined roles, workflows and organizational controls, SemanticXpress allows a significant saving of time, a reduction in the vocabulary size and the prevention of inconsistencies and duplications. A transparent knowledge base is integrated, maintained and extended using SemanticXpress’s graphical interface, which can be used intuitively.

  • Use available vocabularies for Life Science and Healthcare (UMLS, e.g. MeSH, NCI, ChEBI, ICD-10, GO or SNOMED)  
  • Integration with internal and external vocabularies via graphical mappings
  • Application-specific subsets and term extensions  
  • The faster provision of information via Web services 
  • Scalable and highly performant 
  • Central cockpit for the entire organization: 
    "We speak one common language!" 
  • Dynamic information management 
  • Semantic search based on the stored ontologies

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