Oct 23, 2019

semafora is collaborating in the creation of the new Bitkom study "A look into the black box: traceability of AI algorithms in practice"


Many AI approaches are black box systems, making it impossible to understand why the algorithms have made certain decisions. In Bitkom's current study "A look into the black box: Traceability of AI algorithms in practice", new approaches to traceability are shown.


The contribution of semafora "Knowledge extraction from texts using semantic AI" can be found here


The complete publication of all contributions can be found at:

Aug 30, 2019

semafora releases OntoStudio X – a radical new hybrid semantic AI IDE


The basic idea driving OntoStudio X is that many competing IT approaches have strengths and weaknesses. Nowhere else, however, is it as easy as in IT to bring the respective strengths of the systems together (if done in a smart way).

We can't teach a car how to swim, but we can integrate Java and Python seamlessly into Microsoft Excel as if they had always been part of it.  All internal I/O and control structures of OntoBroker are mapped to each individual cell and entire array. For example, Python-based ML libraries can be used to categorize image mass data, which can then be semantically tested for plausibility. For rapid prototyping, OntoStudio X thus opens up a whole new world for solving highly complex problems extremely quickly.

Jul 19, 2019

On behalf of Atos International, semafora helps with the fully automated transfer of PDF-based workflow descriptions into executable ontologies

The new method "SemanticMatcher" is used at a large international aircraft manufacturer for the digital transformation of maintenance manuals.


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