SemanticGuide: Knowledge-Base for your (Remote) Service 

Solving complex problems quickly and efficiently is one of the biggest challenges facing customer serivce today. This is true in both the case of product consulting and more generally decision-making support.


Software for your Technical
Customer Service

The SemanticGuide is the leading ontology-based advisory system and allows knowledge- and consulting-intensive processes to be automated.

The SemanticGuide collects your experts' knowledge in a knowledge base and makes it available to all employees. In this way, even inexperienced users can benefit from the experts' know-how.


Case-Dependent Inquiries for
Faster Error Diagnosis

The SemanticGuide's interactive diagnosis precisely leads users to the correct solution. Case dependent inquiries enable large amounts of information to be quickly reduced to the really relevant stuff.

  • Intelligent Search for information, errors, causes, solutions, and so on
  • Offline Client: Allows usage on the service notebook at the customer site
  • Advisory Function: Pro-active inquiries to limit the number of matches. The user can skip questions that he or she can not answer
  • Learning-Effect: Feedback from users is collected continuously to expand and optimize the knowledge base
  • Synchronization Function: Mobilize your know-how, ideal for on-site customer service.
  • Collect, Store and Transfer of experts know-how
  • Increase the Consulting Expertise of all employees
  • Use the Automated Diagnosis to shorten consultation processes
  • Improve your Customers Satisfaction thanks to your higher perceived competence

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