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Semantic data integration and migration


The intelligent selection and aggregation of data from (legacy) distributed databases and data lakes, depending on complex criteria, e.g. for migration (event or time-controlled) to customer systems, for quality assurance, compliance monitoring and for generating test data, is a challenge.


Systems set up with relational algebra (SQL) / ETL and a lot of effort require a similar amount of effort for updates and adjustments. With semantic KI, any data repositories can be functionally mapped to HOL business ontologies.


Mapping functions can split, merge, closed or openly pseudonymize information units, checking them for content correctness based on the model and eliminating them in case of compliance deviations.


With the data transformation matrix of the SemanticIntegrator, the functional images can be easily implemented according to the LowCode principle.

data migration_1431813314 sfs bluegreen.
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