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OntoBroker and OntoStudio X

18 years of industrial use make OntoBroker the world's leading and most advanced commercial ontology repository and semantic AI reader.

Based on the methods of higher order logic not only the highly expressive ontology language ObjectLogic (F-Logic 2) is implemented, but also all subsets like Prolog, Datalog and the Semantic Web-Standards (OWL2 RL, RDF(S), etc.).


The commercial ontology and reasoning repository, performance- and scaling-oriented design and open architecture make OntoBroker the ideal basis for all industry-leading semantic processing tasks - in the Rapid Prototyping Dashboard (OntoStudio X, a semantic AI IDE), embedded (in edge devices or as middleware) or in multi-grid high-performance computing.


OntoStudio X is a radical IDE hybrid architecture that meets all current and future needs for intelligent, operational rapid-prototyping data processing. Based on Microsoft Excel 2019 as the administration shell, ontology languages, declarative functional programming and procedural program interfaces (Java, Python) are linked together in high-performance. For example, neural ML algorithms implemented in Python can map their results directly to HOL ontologies for further semantic plausibility checks.


Due to the seamless integration of Java and Python in Microsoft Excel, not only the ontologies can be defined via the cell areas, but also result data can be shown, either visible in two dimensions or as higher-dimensional or more complex structured objects stored in individual cells for further processing.

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