The OntoBroker is a comprehensive, extremely efficient and highly scaleable Semantic Web middleware. It is the only commercial inference machine for processing ontologies that supports all of the W3C Semantic Web recommendations. These are OWL, RDF(S), SPARQL, RIF and ObjectLogic. Based on the OntoBroker, ontology-based applications can be developed which offer the following advantages, amongst others: 

  • A consistently defined meaning shared meaning (semantics) of information in a knowledge model
  • The flexible mapping of complicated interrelationships
  • The content integration of heterogeneous data sources 

Hence, it is possible to model the expertise and the business logic  separately from the execution logic. Users can adapt and enhance the logic flexibly. When used systematically, ontologies form a conceptual semantic layer. This contains the relevant expertise for an area or company and can be accessed from all applications.

  • The best  performance even when processing very large knowledge bases
  • The Web service-interfaces (SOA-Framework) enable easy integration into existing applications and guarantee the future of your investments
  • The integration of existing database systems (Oracle, IBM, Microsoft) using existing connectors
  • The support of all W3C Semantic Web standards
Highest Performance

Independent tests confirm that OntoBroker is amongst the world's fastest and most extensive inference machines. The OntoBroker was tested on: rulebench.projects.semwebcentral.org

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