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  • Bernd Geiger

Nested prefix and postfix extension in OntoStudio-X

Nested prefix and postfix extension for predicates and frames available in OntoStudio-X

Logical modeling languages live from a short and concise expression, since one does not want to let the advantages of an abstract semantic relationship description appear by a cumbersome syntax confusing (as it is e.g. the case with OWL) which lets a language appear then quickly "blathering".

To increase the already high expressive power of ObjectLogic, especially for mapping complex natural language sentences, we have added nested structure element to the syntax. The following expression options are available:

Furthermore, we provide higher-order (HO) predicates: P(a)(b), where the nesting structures also refer to the HO predicates.

The nesting structures can be arbitrarily combined and applied in depth, e.g.:

Nested structures and HO predicate extensions are now available in OntoStudio-X, version 1.5.


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